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MoneyGram is a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, working closely with specially chosen partners, such as MTI, it delivers the service through 275,000 locations across 194 countries and territories.

The service provides a secure way to send and receive money worldwide in a matter of minutes.

Other Benefits in becoming a MoneyGram Agent:

  • The MoneyGram transfer service can generate significant additional incremental revenue for your business with every transaction earning you an income through commissions on the transaction fee.
  • There is little additional costs, with MTI providing all the necessary software, stationary and merchandise free of charge.
  • The MoneyGram brand is a globally recognised and trusted brand; your business will benefit from this positive association.
  • The MoneyGram service will attract customers into your outlet generating immediate and significant cross-selling opportunities and a additional footfall of customer which you may not have previously captured
  • MTI is monitored by the Irish Regulator and stringently managers supportive procedures to ensure the agent is fully compliant

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